2016-17 NFL Playoff Predictions

The playoffs are here. No more screwing around now. This is serious business. If your favorite team wants to win the Super Bowl, it’s time to knuckle up and kick some ass. Now that we know who the playoff teams are in the NFL, let’s predict how I think this post-season will play out.

You’re welcome everyone.



NFL Playoff Predictions


Wild-Card Round


(3) Pittsburgh Steelers def. (6) Miami Dolphins

(4) Houston Texans def. (5) Oakland Raiders


(3) Seattle Seahawks def. (6) Detroit Lions

(5) New York Giants def. (4) Green Bay Packers

Divisional Round


(3) Pittsburgh Steelers def. (2) Kansas City Chiefs

(1) New England Patriots def. (4) Houston Texans


(3) Seattle Seahawks def. (2) Atlanta Falcons

(1) Dallas Cowboys def. (5) New York Giants

Conference Championships:


(1) New England Patriots def. (3) Pittsburgh Steelers


(1) Dallas Cowboys def. (3) Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl:

New England Patriots def. Dallas Cowboys*

(Pre-season prediction was Seattle Seahawks over New England Patriots)

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